Cold Rolled


All standard company's material like Essar ,JSW,TATA, Indian ,Asian. Very close dimensional tolerances - ensured by Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) system Automatic flatness control at cold rolling and skin pass mill Superior surface finishConforming to various national / international standards and for customized needs Available in Coil / Slit / Sheet form.


    Thickness: 0.4-3.2mm (CRCA); 0.15-1.9mm (CRFH)
    Width: 200-1,500mm


    IS 513 Drawing ,Deep Drawing and Extra Deep Drawing steels (EDD, IF)
    Bake hardening steel (BH180,220)
    HSLA (320, 340, 440)
    Steels for enameling

Supply Condition

    Coil / Sheet/strips form